How do I get selected for Indian Police Service (IPS) or any service other than Indian Administrative Service (IAS) ?
There is no separate exam for IPS or for any other service. You have to specify your preferred service like IAS,IPS ,IRS etc in the main application form. Depending on your Rank and choice given in the main application form, you will be allott......
What are the Maximum Marks in Civil Service Examination?
The main (written) examination is held for a maximum of 2000 marks,
* Each paper, Optional and General studies paper carries 300 marks and the essay paper carries 200 marks
* Optional Subjects (two papers each=4 papers) 4 x 300 = 1200
Will there be a conference evaluation?
As in the past six years, the conference will be evaluated to assess its strengths and weaknesses as well as its immediate impacts on the global response to HIV/AIDS. The evaluation will be conducted by the IAS 2011 Evaluation Team in line with......

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